Finlay makes several claims related to these worries. He suggests (p. 172-174) that even if the semantic contrast between 'ought' and 'must' sometimes collapses on his account, there are still pragmatic differences between uses of 'ought' and 'must' where both differences among the five approaches so that qualitative researchers can decide which approach is best to use for their particular study. Questions for Discussion • What are a narrative study, a phenomenology, a grounded theory, an ethnog-raphy, and a case

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2020/7/101. Br J Dermatol. 2013 Jul;169(1):31-46. doi: 10.1111/bjd.12232. The Dermatitis Family Impact questionnaire: a review of its measurement properties and clinical application. Dodington SR(1), Basra MK, Finlay AY, Salek MS. Author information: (1)Centre for Socioeconomic Research, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.

Differences were also observed when comparing performances between different POCs, particularly at high device settings (5 and 6). Simulations showed that efficiency of delivery to the acinar region of the lungs was higher in pulse flow than in continuous flow oxygen but that continuous flow oxygen generally delivered a higher absolute volume of oxygen.

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FINLAY (INTERPRETIVE PHENOMENOLOGY "The meaning of phenomenological description as a method lies in interpretation," says Heidegger (1962, p. 37). Interpretation is not an additional procedure: It constitutes an inevitable and basic structure of our "being-in-the-world." We experience a thing as something that has already been interpreted. Thus, a phenomenological method which purports

GRAEME FINLAY 18 • Science Christian Belief, Vol 15, No. 1 find. With the advance of the exact science of human genetics, one such key issue presents itself. Christians hold to the biblical assertion that people are created by God in his own image (Gen.1:26

This seems largely due to the material differences between embodied self and cloth: one being flesh, the other made by human hands, an artifice added to the surface of the self.1 As much is suggested by British actor Peter Brown's recollection of wearing

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There were fewer differences between MA and W with UC. MA were more likely to believe that UC was caused by stress (70% vs 37%, p = 0.044) and cigarette smoking. Conclusions: Significant differences appear among racial and ethnic groups with IBD regarding attitudes toward

Ethnic differences in calciotropic hormones and calcium conservation were reviewed by Walker et al. (). Worsening vitamin D status was noted between 1988–1994 and 2001–2004 in all U.S. ethnicities, with vitamin D deficiency (serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D 10

Finlay makes several claims related to these worries. He suggests (p. 172-174) that even if the semantic contrast between 'ought' and 'must' sometimes collapses on his account, there are still pragmatic differences between uses of 'ought' and 'must' where both

Thus, if morphological differences exist between ruptured and unruptured aneurysms, disclosing such features is desirable, and this information might predict rupture of a cerebral aneurysm. In this study, the morphology of middle cerebral artery (MCA) aneurysms was evaluated by three-dimensional digital subtraction angiography (3D-DSA), and distinctive morphology in relation to aneurysmal

Effect of Antibiotic Treatment on the Intestinal Metabolome

2011/1/31At 1 and 2 days posttreatment, the reduction in the number of fecal bacteria was approximately 95%, and these differences were also statistically significant (P = 0.0319 and 0.0013, respectively). At 4 days after treatment, recovery of the intestinal microbiota began, although bacterial numbers were still significantly different from those for the control ( P = 0.0306).

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The difference between usability and learnability is a subject that has been discussed a number of times particularly because of the concerns that it raises as these two terms are quite often wrongly used interchangeably. The reason why I will be discussing them in

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We present an overview of the two most prominent ensemble algorithms – Bagging and Random Forest – and then discuss the differences between the two. In many cases, bagging, that uses bootstrap sampling, classification tress have been shown to have higher accuracy than a single classification tree.

There are important differences we should note here between control and management of money. For example, the -managed whole-wage system might give the impression that the wife is in control. However, since this system tends to be found among lower-income relationships with a male breadwinner, the woman's role is commonly that of management.