2005/4/8Paul, I don't know about a standard, but maybe you could adopt this approach. This is an indicator dovetail clamp design I stole from Glen Wilson who showed it as part of an indicator holder in Machinist's Workshop Magazine recently. As you can see, the Measuring equipment including several gauges, shadowgraph, Mitutoyo CMM, etc. Design Engineering Using state of the art CAD/CAM software including SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Mastercam we can help our customers reach their manufacturing goals from Ideas and brainstorming to finished and functional parts and assemblies.

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Mitutoyo in Europe Mitutoyo Europe promote coordination amongst the European Group Companies. UK Company Profile Since 1980 Mitutoyo UK has earned a solid reputation in the metrology industry. Name and Philosophy Find out where our name comes from and the philosphy behind it.

Mitutoyo Canada Inc. boasts a state-of-the-art training centre at the Mississauga location, where in-depth instruction is available. Equipped with the latest in coordinate measuring machines and a large screen monitor for unobstructed view, each trainee station contains a fully networked computer and CMM measurement software modules for interactive, hands-on participation.

Bowers Group Partners in precision Bowers Group supplies industry with an unrivalled choice of high quality precision measuring equipment, bespoke system design and laboratory-based UKAS calibration services. Its pre-eminent position in the metrology market

Mitutoyo Nikon Stage Optical Comparator Profile Projector 150mm x 400mm ~ 23+lb $325.00 + shipping NIKON 10x Profile Projector Optical Comparator Lens from Vtg Old Shadowgraph $180.50 $190.00 shipping: + $15.00 shipping Optical Comparator Chart

The optical comparator, or shadowgraph, as it is sometimes called, is one of the most useful precision measurement tools in the shop. Many times it is the only practical method available to accurately measure angles, radii and other details. Does the optical

Distortion in quenching an AISI 4140 C

2012/12/1The measurements of the ring dimensions before and after the heat treatments were performed in a Mitutoyo Shadowgraph PJ A3000 Model with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Two dimensional changes were analyzed: gap opening, G, and outside diameter, OD .

An optical comparator (often called just a comparator in context) or profile projector is a device that applies the principles of optics to the inspection of manufactured parts. In a comparator, the magnified silhouette of a part is projected upon the screen, and the dimensions and geometry of the part are measured against prescribed limits

Y or Y1: Parts that can only be replaced and adjusted by service personnel of Mitutoyo or its authorized vendors who possess specialized knowledge Blank: Parts available for purchase. The appearance, specifications, and other aspects of the parts included in the parts list may be hanged and we may stop the production and sale of these parts without notification.

When checking parts for flatness, it is only the dark bands that are counted, so as this is half the total fringe, each dark band equals 294nm or 0.00029mm. Diamond lapping processes are ideal for producing reflective surfaces, which can be measured for flatness using

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This is used for observing low-reflectivity workpieces, such as plastic parts, and the surfaces of parts with high surface roughness. 172-229 (for 10X) 172-230 (for 20X) Order No. 172-229 172-230 Applicable models PJ-PLUS Mass 0.3 kg 0.07 kg Main unit side

PV300 shadowgraph The ultra-stable Schneider range of profile projectors incorporate large working distances, load capacity and screen sizes of up to 1.5metres to accommodate a wide range of components. Long working distance for tall workpieces (up to

not to say that its moving parts move more freely, but instead, that the gage itself expands. Depending on where he keeps his master, and whether or not he re-masters regularly, he will find himself "chasing the reading," possibly for hours, until

Optical Comparator Charts

Dorsey Metrology uses satin ground glass of superior quality for all our optical comparator glass charts. The charts are very durable and will last for many years with proper care. Glass charts should be cleaned only with mild soap and water solution using soft cotton